Hi. I'm Sachin Jadeja


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I'm a software engineer(Frontend Heavy) with more than 3 years of experience in variety of domains. For the past few years, I've focused on Web App development - tinkering with Frontend and Backend infrastructures.

While there isn't a Documentary about me (sorry folks!), i have written a bio below.


In my role as a Software Engineer for Team8 Solutions (via UpforceTech), I am responsible for developing and maintaining Learning Management System(something quite similar to Canva).

My work involves developing and testing new features, optimizing performance and security, and ensuring the system works for Teachers and Learners around the world. I also work closely with other Team8 Solution products to ensure LMS is well-integrated with other products and services in our Ecosystem(School Magement System and Content Stores).


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    February 2022 · Present
    Front-end Engineer
    Team8 Solutions (via UpforceTech)
    In my role as a Frontend Engineer for Team8 Solutions, I am responsible for spearheading the development of a Learning Management System (LMS). This entails designing and implementing intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces using modern frontend technologies such as React and NextJS.
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    May 2021 · Feb 2022
    Software Engineer
    In my role as a Software Engineer for Phyt.Health, I played a key role in developing comprehensive digital health solutions, leveraging a tech stack that included JavaScript, React, NodeJS, and MySQL. I focused on elevating the application's overall scalability, performance, reliability, and security by pinpointing and rectifying anti-patterns, and implementing strategic improvement initiatives. Furthermore, I made significant contributions to the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, substantially boosting software quality and deployment efficiency on the AWS platform.
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    June 2023 · Present
    Software Development Consultant
    Climate Dot
    In my role as a Software Development Consultant at Climate Dot, I have led the front-end development of sophisticated dashboards and maps, significantly enhancing data visualization and user engagement. I spearheaded the creation of a custom Content Management System (CMS) using Node.js and MongoDB, streamlining content management processes and improving operational efficiency. My collaborative efforts with cross-functional teams have been pivotal in delivering scalable and robust web solutions on time, demonstrating my commitment to excellence and my ability to drive projects to successful completion.
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    March 2023 · Present
    Software Development Consultant & Technical Advisor
    In my capacity, I spearheaded full-stack web development projects, seamlessly integrating NextJS with MongoDB to create comprehensive solutions. My role involved advising on the most effective tech stack choices, thereby boosting application performance and streamlining the development process. I also played a key role in enhancing team collaboration, aligning development approaches with overarching business goals to guarantee the success of our projects.
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    Shoopy Pvt. Ltd.
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    K21 Academy
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    IvyKids(formerly Yellow Class)

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I'm excited to connect with others via email and Twitter to chat about projects and ideas. Currently, I'm not taking on freelance projects, but I am open to hearing about potential opportunities, discussing them with you and then potentially collaborating if it's a good fit.